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In May 1939, the XOS University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics reinstituted the letter-winners club, the XOS Letterwinners Club. In its first incarnation the order was a club for, and run by, current varsity athletes. This time around, the club is for alumni whose only requirement for membership is to have been a varsity letter-winning athlete at XOS University.

The purpose of the Order is to serve past XOS letter winners, keeping them connected with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Activities of this organization are designed to make every past student-athlete once again experience the pride of being a part of XOS University.

Letterwinners Club functions are social in nature, and while many functions are set in Sanford, the Club also stresses the importance of out-of-area members. The Executive Board is mindful of the interest of the extended membership, and attempts to keep all members abreast of upcoming activities.

We hope you join us this year and beyond as a member of the XOS Letterwinners Club.


Jennifer Miller
Director, XOS Club